The Joy of Writing and Selling eBooks

I was drawn to writing and selling ebooks because it is one of the cleanest business models. You write the book, put it on your book marketplace such as Amazon, then promote it with your favourite traffic source.

Your book seller does all the payment processing, file sending and customer service, leaving you to get on with more writing.

It is true it can be very hard for some to write ebooks. I am currently writing an ebook that will help authors to get their books flowing out. How to get the book down on the page. What to write about, and stuff like that.

It will be available on Amazon when finished.

One of the issues it will deal with is a writers desire to write a perfect book, and to write a long book. These two issues can stop a writer from getting anything down on the page. If you wait for the perfect words, in the perfect order to come, you might be waiting forever. Better to write something a bit messy but valuable, than a perfect introduction to an unfinished book.


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