Become An Infopreneur

Something I enjoy about working from home online is that I don’t have to have a lot of dealings with other people. It’s not that I don’t like people; they are just better in small doses. I am amazed at how rude people are on the Internet. When I first got into Internet marketing I started getting into conversations on forums. It does not take long before you come across some pain in the neck who decides to try to wind you up. I decided early on not to get involved in such debates. I like to be in control of any Internet conversations I get involved in. If the person is rude I like to be able to delete their comment.

Anyway rant over. Back to more positive things. The joy of working at home in your pajamas. I am actually wearing my pajamas now as I write. It is so hot today I can’t bring myself to put anything else on. At the moment I live in London, but I could move to another country if I like and take my work with me.

Selling Ebooks Direct or Via A Third Party

I sell my ebooks from websites like Amazon. This way they deal with all the customer services, leaving me to write more. I don’t want to be messing about with customer refunds or technical issues. That type of thing is better dealt with by those working in an office taking shifts. If someone needs customer service they don’t want to wait for me to get back online to deal with their issue. Some sell their ebooks direct by using a payment processor and download mechanism like Payhip.

I keep things automated so my business can work when I am not. If you are interested in becoming an infopreneur you can follow this blog as I am aiming to provide direction on this. selling information in ebooks or promoting other peoples information as an affiliate.

What The Newbie Needs To Become An Infopreneur

I remember when I was new to Internet marketing. I did not even know how to create a link on a webpage. I didn’t know the best place to build a website. I messed around with Googlesites, and Godaddy, and affiliate marketing programs. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Absolute mess. I soon realized I needed a teacher so I started searching for a course to follow. Then I tried SBI/Sitesell. I learned so much from them, but the website I ended up with looked unprofessional. And it was expensive. So I ditched it. SBI have improved a lot since those days.

I then tried Chris Farrell. Again I learned a lot, but I ended up with a cookie cutter squeeze page website that a million other people were using. I soon realized that this was unprofessional. So I ditched it. Again Chris Farrell has improved since then. The good thing with these courses is that you do learn a lot. However, they are just a stepping stone to becoming an independent infopreneur. They are not the goal. The tools I recommend are much more simple, less fiddly. So what the newbie needs is at least someone to point them in the right direction. Someone to tell them what tools to use.

Things You Need To Know To Become An Infopreneur

You need to know how to create your own information product. Then you need to know the best place to publish it. Then how to promote it.

Once you have a sales page for your product you then need to get people to go to the sales page and buy your product. You can’t just publish and hope it will sell on its own. This will not happen. You need to use Internet marketing. You need to promote your product using things like social networks. I will be providing info on how this can all be done.

Keeping It Simple

I enjoy researching the Internet to find new easy tools to use for self publishing ebooks and tools for Internet marketing. I write books on these subjects, and also some fiction stuff.



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