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I created a free site on It was nice and easy to use. I put a bit of content on it. Today I went to sign in and nothing. I put the domain into the browser; nothing!

Who knows the reason why. Maybe they don’t like affiliate ads on their free sites. Maybe it was a technical error. Whatever it was I am moving on. That’s how it rolls online.



Making Money on Slice The Pie

I spent a bit of time writing music reviews on Slice The Pie. I have about five dollars in my account now, but it is a bit slow. It could be a fun hobby if you enjoy it.

The site has an affiliate program so you could make some extra dollars from that by posting your affiliate link on your blog.

This is my affiliate link > SliceThePie


How To Write, Publish, and Sell Ebooks


This is my latest book on Amazon. It is designed to give advice and encouragement to writers whether new or experienced.

It will be helpful for any who struggle to format their ebooks for Amazon.

I share the process I use to write informational books effortlessly and quickly.

Writers block is a real killer for book authors. This book lays out ways to combat this, and get the book flowing freely.

Do You Struggle With The Physical Act Of Typing?

If, for whatever reason, writing your thoughts down on the page is not your thing, or you can’t because of a physical condition, like tendonitis or fibromyalgia, this does not have to be a roadblock to your writing career. One chapter is all about getting around this.

Hope you enjoy it!

What To Do When You Can’t Get Your Writing Started

If you plan to write the greatest piece of work you have ever written you will need a lot of motivation to get started. If, however, you say to yourself “I am going to just write any old thing and then chuck it in the bin straight after I have finished it” then you will find you can start writing straight away.

Once you have started writing words down on the page you will find it easier to continue. It’s like riding a bike; once you have the momentum and are moving it is easier to keep balance and move forward.

How Do You Get Inspiration?

It is hard to get inspiration from looking at a blank page. Inspiration will come from doing research in your books subject. Spend a set time researching. This is like filling your mind with the raw materials so that you can produce your finished product. A sausage machine won’t make sausages unless you put the meat in first.

Research as if you are just doing it for fun or out of your own personal interest. If you do this you will relax and enjoy the process more, which will lead to being more productive.

How Much Should I Write In Each Session?

If you sit down with the goal of writing for eight hours solid, there is a good chance you will never start. Some may be able to do this, but not all. It is all about knowing yourself.

I like to spend an hour doing research and then one hour writing. This keeps the interest alive, and breaks the writing up.

The Joy of Writing and Selling eBooks

I was drawn to writing and selling ebooks because it is one of the cleanest business models. You write the book, put it on your book marketplace such as Amazon, then promote it with your favourite traffic source.

Your book seller does all the payment processing, file sending and customer service, leaving you to get on with more writing.

It is true it can be very hard for some to write ebooks. I am currently writing an ebook that will help authors to get their books flowing out. How to get the book down on the page. What to write about, and stuff like that.

It will be available on Amazon when finished.

One of the issues it will deal with is a writers desire to write a perfect book, and to write a long book. These two issues can stop a writer from getting anything down on the page. If you wait for the perfect words, in the perfect order to come, you might be waiting forever. Better to write something a bit messy but valuable, than a perfect introduction to an unfinished book.

Is Mad Mimi Simple?

I took a look at the Mad Mimi autoresponder today. I was enticed by the promise of it being simple and lovely, and being the easiest email ever. Mad Mimi is free to sign up so I did. Also, the pricing is on a nice easy to understand sliding scale.

To be honest I did not get far. When I looked at the email creator I just started losing interest. These days I just want real simple. If you love designing stuff it could be good, but I am into sharing knowledge and I need simple tools that help me to do this and don’t cut into my work time. I find the more fancy something is online the more chance of it going wrong.



An Easy To Use Autoresponder

When I am looking for a new tool to use for Internet marketing a very important factor is ease of use. I like a simple interface and dashboard. It needs to be intuitive as far as possible. Most people don’t have all week to spend learning how to use a new website.

With autoresponders this is important. The process can be complex if you get the wrong one. You need to create a list, a number of emails, an opt in form, a thank you page, a confirmation page.

An easy to use autoresponder is RocketResponder. (This is an affiliate link)

The set up process is short. When you are filling in the field boxes to create a list, there is a tutorial guide for each field box. There are short easy to follow videos. They only need to be short because the process is easy.

When you create an email, it is just like using gmail. Write a subject in the “subject” field and then write the body of the email. When you send an email to a friend, do you fill it full of images and graphics? No. So why do it with an autoresponder email. It only makes it look impersonal.

The price is good too.

They have a very simple affiliate program. You automatically are in the program. Just hit the affiliates button and there is your affiliate url link ready to share immediately.

It is a great autoresponder for the newbie. Very low learning curve.

Generally though,  the best autoresponder is probably Aweber.